Virginia Notary

The Virginia Notary requirements, fees and costs are listed below. These are all fairly self explanatory, so here we go...


The basic requirement for being a Virginia Notary are as follows:

1) Be at least 18 years old;

2) Be able to read and write English;

3) Not be convicted of a felony; and

4) Live or be employed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A bond is not required but the notary handbook does suggest that you consider liability insurance (although not required).

A Seal is required.

Application Process

Your application for commission can be downloaded on line. The link is provided below.

You must submit your application with a fee of $45.00 made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. Your application should be approved within 3 weeks. The approved application will be mailed to the clerk of court in the county you reside.

If you have not been notified of your approval within 4 weeks, you should contact your local clerk of court to determine if they have received your paperwork. If they have not, you should contact the Secretary of State's office to inquire as to the status of your application.

Once approved, you will need to go to the clerk of court of your county of residence for swearing in of your commission. You will also need to pay the clerk a $10.00 fee.

The application for renewal of your commission is the same as the original application.


The term of commission is 4 years.

Renewals are for a period of 4 years.


Powers of the Virginia Notary are defined by statute and include:

1. Taking Acknowledgments;

2. Administering Oaths;

3. Certifying Affidavits;

4. Certifying Depositions; and

5. Certifying "true" copies of documents. You cannot certify as true copies:

* Birth Certificates;

* Death Certificates; and

* Marriage Certificates.

These can only be certified by the Division of Vital Records.


A Notary can charge $5.00 per notarial act. You are not required to charge a fee.

Travel fees can be charged. The travel fee should be negotiated up front with the client.

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The Virginia Secretary of State Notary Site is here.

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