Notary Stamps are More than just Your "Seal"

There are many more Notary Stamps for you to consider. Yes, your notary seal is the tool you will use most often, but I have compiled a list of other notary stamps you might want to consider.

These are helpful, but not required. So do not feel like you have to go out and buy these right away. If you are a new notary, I would wait and see what you might use the most. After each closing, ask yourself "self, what would have made that closing easier and faster?"

Faster is a bigger indicator for me than easier...remember time is money...

Then after a few times, if you feel any of these notary stamps would be helpful, go ahead and buy them.

Let's face it...anything to make the job easier...right?

These notary stamps are not that expensive and for the most part will be a one time investment. If you are committed to your notary commission, these notary stamps are worth considering.

Just so you know, I have only one stamp in addition to my notary seal...can you guess which one?

My Commission Expires Stamp

Other than your signature and date, this is what you will write most often (if applicable to your state). Believe it or not, I have found that about one-third (1/3) of documents I have notarized do not have a place to enter your commission expiration. You will write this many times so I think it is a wise investment.

Only negative is that you have to get a new stamp each time your commission expires. 4-6 years seems like a long time, but it is not, it will fly by very fast...

This should cost you less than $10.00.

Sworn To Stamp

Here is a useful notary stamp that looks something like this:

Sworn to and subscribed before me

this the ___ day of ___________, 20__

(Official Seal) _____________________ Notary Public

My Commission Expires:__________ 20__

Useful, yes, but to be honest most documents you will notarize already have this language. But you will need it on occasion.

Should cost you $15.00 to $20.00

Acknowledgment Stamp

This stamp is similar to the "Sworn To" stamp but acknowleges the signers personal appearance and voluntary signature before the notary. It reads something like this:

______________ County State of ____________________

I certify that the following person(s) personally appeared before me this day, each acknowledging to me that he or she voluntarily signed the foregoing document for the purpose stated therein and in the capacity indicated:

____________________________________________________Name of Principal(s)


_________________________________________ Official Signature of Notary Public

___________________________Notary Public Notary's printed or typed name

My Commission Expires: _________________

Again, useful, but not necessary to purchase. Should cost you less than $8.00.

Ink Pads

Other than an ink pad for your notary seal (if it is not self inking...i recommend self inking notary seal) you might need the following:

Ink Finger Print Pad


Impression Inker (for the "crimped" seal)

Finger printing is becoming a bigger part of the notary's job. But until I see a major trend toward finger printing, I cannot recommend purchasing one just yet.

Caveat: Your state may require finger printing on some documents...make sure you check.

Ink Finger Print pad should cost you about $9.00

Impression Inker for "crimped" seal should cost you about $12.00

Signature Stamp

Signature stamps (stamps that replicate your signature) are helpful but...


Of course you know that, but non-the-less, you may find this stamp useful in other areas of you practice.

You may be able to use it with copies...

You can use it for your correspondence...

You can use it for signing checks (in some cases)...

Word of CAUTION: Take care of it like your Notary Seal. You do not want it falling into the wrong hands for obvious reasons.

A signature stamp should cost about $20.00

Notary Stamps can be purchased at this family owned and operated company.

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Did you guess which stamp I own...

The signature stamp.