Notary Requirements by State

Notary requirements for each state vary as do the approved duties. Here we list each states basic requirements for being a notary as well as some of the unique aspects of having a notary commission.

We know you will find this useful. Whether you are considering obtaining your notary commission or simply want to know what tasks other states allow a notary to perform, we place the information in easy to read format.

No need to read the statute. We have boiled down the requirements for you.

We also provide you with helpful links to the official state sites if you want to apply for a notary commission or just want more information.

How we Break it Down

For each state listed, we break down the information into the following categories:

*Basic requirements

*Term of Commission

*Fees you can charge

*Requirements or duties that make that state unique

*Links to state agencies if you want to apply for a commission or request more information

State by State

Here are the states we have analyzed so far. Please feel free to provide us with any information that you have on any state.

Also, we are working on a country by country section. Again, any information you would like to contribute please forward it on to us.

Arizona Notary

California Notary

Florida Notary

Illinois Notary

Michigan Notary

Nevada Notary

New York Notary

North Carolina

Pennsylvania Notary

South Carolina


Texas Notary

To review notary requirements for Canada, click here.

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