Notary Public Supplies...Where and Why

Notary Public Supplies are your "tools of the trade."

Sure, they will cost money, but you absolutely have to have the basics. The basics vary from state to state. But generally, you will need:

1. Notary Stamp (required in all states). This is sometimes referred to as a Notary Sseal.

2. Notary Log Book (not required in all states). Use this to track your work.

3. Errors and Omission Insurance (not required in all states). This is insurance coverage that protects you when you perform a negligent act during your notary duties.

4. A Bond (not required in all states).

These notary public supplies are your tools. Depending on in what state you are commissioned, you may need one or all four. In every state you will need a notary stamp or notary seal.

A quick word about the notary stamp or notary seal.

Only buy the black ink stamps. Years ago, the "crimp" seals were used by most notaries. They are still used by some government officials.

However, today most documents are scanned to be stored electronically. It is just easier to read the black ink seal. If you are notarizing loan documents a black in seal is a must.

Many foreign countries require a crimped seal. So if you think you will notarizing documents for overseas use, it may be worth purchasing a crimp seal. But generally, I do not recommend purchasing one.

I have provided some links below about Errors and Omission (E & O) and Bonding as I think it is important to understand what you are buying. These tend to be complicated documents but I have provided a simple way to understand these products so that when you purchase them, if required in your state, you will have a working knowledge of both.

Notary Public Supplies can be found at this site... You can also find Notary Supplies here.

OK, that is all you really need. A few blue pens, nice business cards and you are all set.

Although if you buy a briefcase, I recommend a briefcase large enough to hold legal size documents. Also helpful is a business log book to keep track of mileage and expenses.

Here is a link to a more detailed dicussion on E & O Insurance.