Notary Niche Marketing Strategies

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Otherwise, let's get started with some reasons why niche marketing works.

A target market that is too broad is expensive to get into and expensive to maintain a high position of authority. Also, a broad market makes it difficult to "stand out" amoung the others in the market. In effect, you become a small fish in a very big pond. At the mercy of the marketing budgets of the big players.

Narrowing your market narrows your focus. This leads to success!

By creating your Notary Niche Market you will have a greater opportunity to stand out more, be an expert and be at the top of your customer's mind when they think of needing your notary services.

Notary Niche Marketing is a way to create a limited range of services for tightly nit focus group. This group wants, or better needs, your notary services.


We talked about the general strategy rules for finding you niche on the Notary Marketing Page. These include Expertise, Exclusivity, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

But it is not just the uniqueness of your notary service (ie foreign language you speak, any special training you have) but also the uniqueness of the customer experience.

For example, Dominoes, Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's all sell pizza. But the uniqueness of the customer experience for each is different.

* Dominoes delivers in 30 minutes or less or it's free.

* Pizza Hut has Cheese in the crust.

* Little Caesar's gives you 2 pizzas for the price of one.

What's unique about you? What experience will your client have if he calls you and not a competitor?

Did you happen to notice that I have yet to mention "lowest price" as a potential notary niche marketing idea?

This is on purpose....

Do not try and compete on the basis of price...Why??

1. If affects profitability. We all need to eat and live. Do not give this up. I see to often notaries wanting to sell their services short. You have statutory guidelines that you can charge for each notarial act...charge the maximum, it is not that much.

If you are a loan signing agent or mobile notary, find out what the market will bring...charge it and no less. If a client is trying to get you to reduce your fee, well it is your call, but think long and hard before you do so.

The only exception I make is for family and friends (I should say good friends..because everyone is your friend when they want something). I also did a mostly free closing for the president of my biggest client. I also make an exception for those who cannot financially afford the services. But other than that...charge what the market can give you.

2. You cannot build lasting business relationships when your profit is low. If you are unhappy you will, unconsciously, show that unhappiness in some way. You will either say or do something with your client or maybe you will be less likely to answer the phone on the first ring next time the client calls.

Let's not forget what your client is going to think of you. If you are cheap, subconsciously he or she might think you are also not good at what you do.

Here is a little secret (especially for the loan signing agents, but the principal is the same everywhere)...

....the client who calls you almost always has to answer to someone else for his decision....

Why is this important...because if you hold your ground on your fee and the client (lender, service provider) goes with someone who is "cheaper," I am willing to bet that the service will "cheap" too.

Why? Because in order to make money, that cheaper notary has to cut costs somewhere. Usually it is time. This flows back up to someone (lender, service provider) who has to explain why he went with someone cheap and not good.

At any rate, no one is happy. And let's not forget when you get the happy will you be when you see you are not paid what your services are worth...

So bottom line...get paid what you are worth. Don't build a notary niche market on being the "cheapest in the area." No one wins in the long run. Not you and not your client.

Becoming an Expert

Notary Niche Marketing can also help you to become an expert in your niche. Once you have your niche identified, then becoming an expert in that niche becomes easier.

Why is it easier? Because the amount of information that is required to reach "expert" status is more limited and can be consumed, digested and presented much faster and easier.

You can become an expert by:

* Writing and publishing articles in your niche.

* Giving small presentations or seminars or appear as a guest at a seminar someone else is hosting.

* Offering services to those in need for reduced price or for free.

* Appear on local radio or television shows.

So let's bottom line this. Notary Niche Marketing is invaluable to your success. Just being a notary is not going to get you business. Doctors use niches (they call it specializing), journalist niche in a particular field (sports, politics), attorneys have always niche but until recently could not "specialize."

Niches are common to all successful businesses.

The good news is that with a little focus, time, energy and imagination, you can discover you notary niche (specialty).

Focus, energy and imagination are free! Don't be afraid to use them.

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