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Notaries May be in Trouble

Recent headlines on the "Robo-Signing" lenders may have allowed to happen may have severe impact on the notaries that were involved. Documents that were "robo-signed" were later notarized in order to be filed. The notaries involved may be subject to investigation and potentially losing their notary certificates.

Criminal charges could also be filed.

Main stream media has yet to report on these possiblities. I would not be surprised to hear of initial investigations soon. We will keep looking and let you know.

How to Protect Yourself

As you all know, we are not to notarize Robo-Signed documents. These types of documents are usually signed by a computer or by an individual who signs someone elses name. Evidence appears to show that both of these may have occured.

My guess is that the notaries worked for the lenders involved and were pressured to notarize the documents or were falsely told that the document were in fact signed by the person indicated. This places the notary in a bad position. But remember that we are all sworn officers of the state in which we work and we cannot bow to these types of pressures. That is what being a professional is all about.

So what to do? Obviously, do not notarize any document unless you are following your state guidelines. If for some reason, you are fearful of loosing your job or facing some other consequences from your employer, contact your Secretary of State's office, an attorney or fellow notary. You would be suprised at the support you will recieve. Feel free to contact us at Notary Success or the fine people at the National Notary Association and we can walk you through your options. We here at Notary Success will do so without you having to give your name, if you so desire.

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