Notary Marketing Strategies

Notary marketing is where the rubber hits the road. You can be the best notary with the best training but if no one can find you then you won't make much money at what you do.

You MUST have a plan...a notary marketing plan that works for you and sets you apart from others.

OK...I can hear you now...I am a notary, what set's me apart from other notaries....

Good question but remember you ARE different. Every notary has a different educational background, different ethic background, different work background. Use this in your notary marketing.

What have you done in your life that is different from most? Can you use that difference to set you apart? Then can you communicate that difference to your potential clients?

These are the questions we are going to ask ourselves as we go through this process together.

Let's get started with the basics of notary marketing...

What is Notary Marketing and Why?

Let's start with the big picture...What and Why...

Notary Marketing is no different from any other marketing strategy. Your notary marketing plan must set you apart from others in your market. It is really that simple. You probably already know that. The "how" is what we are going to address here. I am going to give you some advice to get you thinking of the "how" and some background information that addressed the "why." You will have the complete picture of notary marketing.

The first step is to narrow your notary market into a workable size. Authors call this "niche" marketing. It makes a lot of sense because unless you are a multi-national corporation with millions to spend on "advertising" you will be forever lost in a sea of competitors with large budgets that will keep you small...

...(believe me, that is the goal of large companies, to extinguish competition...nothing wrong with it, but impossible to compete with so why do it if there is an alternative).

Creat a Niche

To create a Niche (the "nichier" the better) let's consider some strategies:

1. Are you an expert? You are a notary public so you have some expertise in that area. Do you keep up with changes? Do you stay ahead of the knowledge curve? Do you use the latest technologies?

2. Exclusivity. Are you exclusive in your geographical area? There are 4.5 million notaries nationwide, probably not. But, do you have a special skill...language you speak, sign language, background in law, business, science, medicine? Something that separates you from others in your area.

3. How efficient are you at your job? Are you faster, more convenient, eliminate hassles or save time for you clients? Can they reach you immediately or do they leave a voice mail? Does your e-mail go to your smart phone or do you have to go home to check it several times a day. Do you have a laptop with wireless connection to the internet? Can you print from the road?

4. How satisfied are you clients? Are they delighted with your service? Have you ever asked? Do you have a guarantee?

5. How loyal are your clients? Do you get one phone call from a client and no more? Do you get repeat business?

So bottom line here is to create a Niche you must have something different than your competitor or you must create a difference. Most businesses need to create a difference, but luckily this is not hard to do...just...

...Use your own background, education and experiences that work well with being a notary. We all have something different, just look honestly at yourself.

Still having some trouble identifying your differences, here are some ways to get the juices flowing:

* List all your educational achievements. Any awards you received during school? Any classes you excelled in taking? Maybe some club or activity you enjoyed.

* Where have you worked? What skills did you gain at that job? Any of them make you a better notary?

* Speak any other languages?

* Ever helped out your grandparents? Are you good with the elderly?

* Have you worked in a hospital and know your way around?

* Do you know how to write? Can you make speeches?

* What is the future for notaries? Can you make yourself an expert in that future? Can you be ahead of the curve, offer the future services first?

We all have something that makes us special. If you cannot come up with something now, don't worry. Concentrate on efficiency in your work, satisfying your customers and creating loyalty. This can be your niche. This can be your notary market!

OR...maybe you have heard of common complaints, problems, hassles or irritations from your target audience. Answer those issues and that can be your niche.

To learn more about Niche Marketing, Click Here.

Refine your Message

The next step is to have a message that is clear, concise and consistent. This is really about creating a brand. A brand of ONE...and that ONE is you!

Take what set's you apart, your special gift or your answer to issues/problems and create your message or identity.

You message should be one that provokes an emotional response and states a "benefit" to the client. It should be short and to the point....

...think hamburger chain "I'm loving it!" or drink "the Real Thing."

This is your time to be creative. Write down everything you think of, modify, re-write and re-write again. Ask family and friends to review and re-write again until you have something that works for you. Do this and you will be 99% ahead of your competition...Don't believe me? Go on line and take a look!

What notary marketing strategies do you see with your competitors on-line? My guess is none. Here is your chance to take the lead.

To discover more about your Notary Niche, Click Here.

Market the Niche

Once you have created a particular "notary niche" (I will call "NN") then it's time to get the word about your NN to the marketplace.

I am going to be upfront with you and you probably are not going to like this but...a website alone will not help you market your NN. Unless you are willing to take the time to do it correctly and are patient for the results, or, if you are willing to pay for ads, you are not going to get the traffic you need for your business to succeed.

I know, I have tried it and it was not until I really understood how the internet marketplace works that I realized I needed to do take the right steps to make it work.

These steps take time and patience and persistence. And without the help of a system, your are likely to get it wrong and waste a bunch of time.

The real key to internet traffic is "free" internet traffic. Sure you can pay for an ad in google (pay per click or "PPC"), and this works for some of the bigger players, but once you stop paying for ads, the traffic stops.

And the real kicker is that, if you do the math, the margins on a "pay per click" (PPC) campaign are so small they are hardly worth doing. The only exception is a product with large margins built in. This is unlikely for your NN.

So what is the best way to market your NN? Like the famous marketing book title says, you need to "Bag the Big Elephant."

I will use the mobile notary example here as I am most familiar with it.

As a loan signing agent during the heyday of re-finances I located the big players that needed my services. Luckily, through some contacts and asking around, I found the players that needed my work. I offered a one stop shop for them (taking away an issue I had to find notaries in every county/city in the state) worked to fulfill my promises of always doing the job correctly and rode the waive of increased business.

These companies were my partners. I thought of myself as a part of their business and worked to keep the business.

...Then things changed...

The market crashed, lenders were going out of business and my business suffered...a lot!

So I Identified another "Big Elephant," companies selling foreclosed properties. I began a new notary marketing campaign. I answered an issue for them (became a one-stop shop in our state) and started increasing my business again.

I tell you this for 2 reasons:

1. Going after the big elephant works (for me 2 times) and is the best use of your time; and

2. The market changes and sometimes you need to find the next big elephant.

I tell you this also because it was a good lesson for me in identifying customers. I chose to spend my time on larger customers that can bring in more business faster.

You can go the other way (like most web-sites I have read suggest) and go to local banks and other lenders etc...but your return will be less and your frustration level high.

There are also many Notary Marketing Lists that you can sign up for that will place you in their data base. Large companies use this data base when they are looking for a notary, usually a loan signing agent or mobile notary, to close a loan for them.

Sometimes this may cost you some money, so if you decide to go this route, you will need to make a business decision about the costs vs. the benefits. I would stick with the free sites and list only on the biggest, best known sites.

We deal with these companies all the time, nationwide. If you want to be added to our database, feel free to contact us and we will sign you up for free.

Just so you know, we rotate our list. We try and use everyone on it as often as possible.

To be added to our Notary Marketing List, click here

Look and Feel

As you build your brand on ONE (you) I suggest that you look at how you look and feel.

Again, I am going to be using the example of a loan signing agent or mobile notary because that is what I know best. But the principals work anywhere.

At any rate, I think you should be looking at 2 things that will affect how others perceive you in the market place.

The notary market, and by that I mean your potential clients, are a fickle bunch. They make decisions based on perception. At least the initial decision to use you or not. This is both good and bad news.

It is bad news because we have all grown up believing that if we do a good job or offer a good product, we will be able to sell our goods and services fairly easily. You need to look at this as the second step.

The good news is that even though perception rules the day in the decision to use your service, this perception you CAN control. Not only can you control the perception (by this I mean initial perception) you can make that perception outstanding.

Here is some information that, if taken to heart, will help you in your notary marketing...

...People make decisions about you and your credibility almost instantly and...they do it unconsciously, without thought...

Michael E. Gerber in his fine book "The E Myth Revisited" uses an example that has stuck with me.

Picture a man in front of you. He is wearing a dark blue suit. Sharply creased trousers. White starched shirt. A red and blue striped tie. Black, highly polished shoes.

How would you feel about such a person? Does he look like a businessman you can trust? Does he represent someone who is dependable, solid, reliable?

Of course.

Research shows that a the navy suit is the the powerful suit a person can wear...instant impact. Instant credibility.
Now picture the same person in front of you. Only this time he is not wearing a navy blue suit.

Now he is wearing an orange suit.

That's right, orange. A tailored, two piece expensive orange suit. He has white silk shirt, white silk tie, diamond tie pin, and white lizard cowboy boots.

Get it. Second orange guy is out of business fast (unless his business is being a clown).

It is the same guy in the suit. The decision was made in an instant. But the decision was not made by the mind. It was made by the unconscious mind, without any thought.

I hope this helps your notary marketing. I have more about this subject and go into greater detail Here. I also discuss the issue of how you "feel" when you meet new clients or talk to clients on the phone.