Notary Look and Feel

To explain how notary look works, I used the example of a man in a blue suit and a man in a orange suit. Which one would you feel more comfortable hiring? If you want to leave notary look and read the full suit example, click here.

But I would like to take this example a bit further. Let's talk a bit about reality and perception and how that affects someone's decision to use your notary service.

Reality vs. Perceptions

The blue suit versus orange suit analogy works well on many levels. But I like it because it really helps explain the difference between reality and perception.

The reality of the blue/orange man is that the same man is wearing the suit. He will give you the same notary service. He is not the suit.

Perception, however, is much different. How can you buy anything from a man in an orange suit? What is he thinking? He cannot be serious? I would never use such a man.

The truth is that reality only exist in someone's perceptions. You perceive the man in the orange suit is "not serious" so for all practical purposes, in your reality, he IS not serious.

Positions of the mind...attitudes, beliefs, conclusions...whatever you want to call them, determine reality. They determine expectations that determine reality.

These positions the mind takes are forged in a lifetime of experiences, from birth to the present. Hard to change. But do we need them to change in order for us to sell our services?


We just need to understand them. Then we can fulfill those perceptions.

If you can understand that perceptions control the "buying" process, then you can look at perceptions or your potential clients and meet them head on. You will increase your opportunities for business.

Because if your client does not "perceive" that he needs your services, he does not need it. Even if he really does need your services.

Perceptions are at the heart of the decision making process for your client.

If you know about your potential clients perceptions, then you can meet those perceptions.

The "Right" Notary Look Works

I could easily give you a blue suit/orange suit example for looking your best when you perform your notary duties. You know the suit is well dressed, neat, organized etc.. Orange suit guy is wearing jeans, has papers all over the place, unshaven. Too easy. We all know who will get/keep the notary work.

Your notary look is deeper than that (although it is certainly important how you look).

Now it is time to complete the look. Let's ask ourselves a few questions:

1. What is our particular "niche?'

2. Who are our potential client in that niche?

3. How do these potential clients perceive how your service should look like?

4. I am consistent in my look?

Hopefully you have discovered or are in the process of discovering your niche.

Let's look at your potential clients. Let's assume you are a loan signing agent. If you are going after the big elephant, your potential clients are likely to be servicing companies, title companies or escrow agencies.

What do these companies want? Let me share a couple of thoughts.

They want someone to be their representative "on the ground." Someone who stays in contact, looks presentable, easy to access, handles issues without getting upset, is good with clients and personable.

There is more, but this will give you an idea.

How do I know this....I asked. I asked a lot. I asked everyone I could at each company I worked for. This was their "perception" Then I filled it for them.

Then I worked to make our notary look consistent. Every time. No changes. My clients new what to expect every time they called.

Then I made the notary look consistent with the look of my material. Letterhead, business cards, website, how we answered the phone, everything.

What did I do?

* I found the niche.

* I identified the potential client (escrow agencies)

* I called and determined what their perceptions were of my job.

* Then I fulfilled those perceptions consistently, across the board in everything we did.

No you can too...just start somewhere, but be sure to start today...