The Notary Life

The notary life and, let's face it, any working life, is much more than going to signings, coming home late, witnessing signature and all the other duties that your state may allow. A truly successful notary will have a balanced life. One that flows back and forth between work and pleasure.

Most of this site is dedicated to the work that is necessary to perform your duties as a notary. These pages are intended to give you some balance. Balance in your notary life so that one part does not overtake the rest and leave you burned out and wondering if you missed out on something.

I can attest to being the type of person who worries too much about work. This is consuming of both your time and energy. Both your time and energy are needed for your health and the happiness of your family. To achieve this balance, it is necessary that you take time for yourself. Time to learn about the world around you and time to do things renew your spirit.

Believe it or not, this time that you spend on yourself will benefit not only you but those around you. If you concentrate only on work, then you have no time for yourself. Eventually you become weak. Weak physically and weak in your mind. At some point your body will react to this weakness and you may turn ill, either physically or mentally.

But you can avoid this. Take time for you. I prefer travel as my way of escape for several reasons. In your notary life I hope you will consider travel as part of the equation for you happiness. If not travel, then something else that takes your mind off your work and on to something totally unrelated.

The Case for Travel

I would like to take this opportunity to make the case for travel as your way of escaping (for lack of a better term) your notary life. Yes, there are many ways to escape, but travel, especially overseas, can take this to a new level. It is relatively inexpensive (if you stay away from Europe) and can create the space in your mind that is needed for personal renewal.

When I talk of space in your mind, I am talking about space from the everyday conversation that you have with yourself. Whether you believe it or not, most people are in constant thought. Their minds work all day long thinking. You are in constant conversation with yourself.

Most of this personal conversation is of 2 subjects: you are thinking about the past or you are projecting some future event.

Both of these thought patterns are illusions. They live in your mind and nowhere else. They are also energy drainers. They drain your energy so by the end of the day you are exhausted. At some point you will be so exhausted that it will effect you either physically or emotionally or both.

Most Thought is Useless

This is hard for many people to believe, but if you think about it, you will realize the truth of this statement: MOST THOUGHT IS USELESS AND UNNECESSARY. That's right, most of what you think during the day is pure mental noise. But we have all grown up believing that if we think enough, we can solve all our problems.

The truth is the opposite. Most issues we humans have will be solved when we stop obsessing over them. Answers will just appear from a different place if we just give it space to occur. If you are thinking too much, there is no space for answers to arise. You are simply taking up the space with useless thought.

Want to test my statement? Try this exercise. If you have some issue you are trying to solve, turn off your inner conversation. Just do not think about it, let it be. Soon an answer will appear from somewhere deep in you. This may take minutes or it may take a couple of days, but the answer will appear. Don't take my word for it, try it out and see.

My point here is that travel can help you gain the space that is needed. Space in your thoughts and space in your notary life. When you travel, you have created both physical space from your work and mental space. In fact, some of my best ideas come while sitting on an 8 hour flight. I just let things be as they are, no analyzing, no thoughts about the past or future, just space to be present. This is very refreshing and it is one of the reasons why I enjoy travel so much.

Traveling almost forces you to live in the moment. In other words, you are living in the present moment and not in your mind made future or past. Living in the moment gives you the space to relax and gives your mind the space that is needed to break away from the constant stream of thought in your head.

This is very refreshing and renewing to the mind and soul. Please do not underestimate the importance of this. I have seen too many professionals lost in the world of constant thought. I am sure you have seen it too. When you talk to them, they are really not there, their mind is elsewhere. They are never totally present, in the moment. Sure they are physically there, but emotionally, they are miles away.

I see this mostly with professionals and leaders of corporations. They never leave the job. Their mind is full of stuff to "think about" and they never really take a break.

Don't become one of them. Allow your life to be balanced. Take a trip, see how others live, give your mind a break. Everyone close to you will appreciate the effort.

Start your New Notary Life Today

Start today by visiting Russian Travel Log. See what is out there and how easy it is to get control of your thoughts through travel. Also, interested in more notary life visit our extras page where we give you some additional notary life advice we hope you will find useful.

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