Notary Classes are Important But Do I Need Them?

A notary classes or notary public courses are time consuming, I know. But do you really need notary public classes?

Well, the short answer is yes. In fact, they are required.

There are some exceptions. In some states if you are an attorney, the course or classes are not required. You simply have to sit for the exam. Other states waive the exam entirely if you are an attorney.

Certain public officials are also exempt in some states. Like Register of Deeds and their deputy Register of Deeds, Mayors and their deputies and the like. The rest of us have to take the notary public class and take the exam. As a practical matter this makes sense. As a notary you are in fact doing a job that a state, county or city official used to do.

But as our country grew, so did the demands on local officials. So it was time to find a way to notarize documents without the having to find a local began the notary public and by necessity notary public classes.

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So, the bottom line is this...unless you are an attorney or specific public official, you need to take the notary public classes. Make the most of it...make it meaningful and enjoyable.

How you approach the process is half the battle. With the right attitude, it will be at the very least a learning experience and maybe even fun. Do not shortcut the process. Go to the class and take the test. From Notary Classes to a few words about Notary Public Training

So go have fun and enjoy!