Notaries of France

The Notaries of France (Notaire) follow a civil law notary code and are specialized attorneys appointed by the Minister of Justice.

Acts performed by a notary are considered self-proving public instruments. That is, they need no further proof to be considered authentic and presumably have the authority of law.

Interestingly, a document prepared by a French Notary need not comply with our common law standard of delivery and acceptance. The date provided on the notarial document is presumed to be delivered and accepted by the parties. To overcome this presumptions, a suit must be filed to show that the document contains errors, was prepared maliciously or is false.


French notaries provide a wide range of legal services. These services include:

* Contract drafting and legal advice

* Business Law

* Family Law

* Real estate law

Notaries in France have the exclusive right to handle domestic matters between family members. These include adoptions, marraige contracts, divorces and estate planning.

French Notaries have exclusive access to the state run MIN system that list all real estate transactions nationwide. This exclusive access, allows the notary to basically control tax information, perform appraisals on the property and handle financing situations. Not a bad gig.


French Notaries receive specialized legal training similar to US legal training. The training is more specialized and the licensing is by the Federal Government (In the US, state government handles the licensing through a quasi-state entity known as the State Bar).

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