Nevada Notary

In order to become a Nevada Notary, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident;

2) Be a resident of the State of Nevada;

3) Be at least 18 years old;

4) Possess your civil rights (ie. not convicted of a felony); and

5) Obtain a $10,000 bond to be filed in the county you reside.

You will also need to:

1) Take a state run 4 hour training course;

2) Purchase a stamp;

3) Purchase and use a journal.


Nevada has a unique provision allowing for residents of the bordering states of






to be notaries in the state of Nevada if they:

1) Are employed in Nevada;

2) Provide a Nevada state business license from your employer; and

3) Meet all other requirements for becoming a notary in Nevada.


Nevada allows the Nevada Notary to perform the following duties:

* Administer oaths or affirmations;

* Take acknowledgments;

* Certify copies of Documents (no mention of pictures in the statute so presumably this is not allowed);

* Execute Jurats; and

* Note a protest of a negotiable instrument (like a Note).


Fees you can charge as a Nevada Notary are as follows:

* For taking and acknowledgment- $5.00 for the 1st signature of the signer and $2.50 for each additional signature.

* For administering an oath or affirmation with out a signature-$2.50

* To certify a copy of a document- $2.50

* For a Jurat, $5.00 for each signature on the affidavit.

* For traveling to a signing- no more that the Federally allowed mileage deduction. This should be discussed with the client in advance of travel.

Term of Commission

Term of commission is 4 years.

The cost of the initial and re-appointment fees is $35.00.

More Information

For more information the Nevada Secretary of State has an excellent website that includes an interactive test to see if you qualify to become a notary.

The FAQ section is also very helpful. Forms and application can be found there as well as the statutory provisions if you so choose to read them.

The Nevada Notary section of the SOS site can be found here.

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