Michigan Notary

The Michigan Notary requirements differ in several respects to other states. I have listed below the basic requirements, fees and term of office. Also, below you will find the link to the notary application from the Secretary of State.


The basic Michigan Notary requirements are as follows:

* Be at least 18 years old

* Be a resident of Michigan or maintain a place of business in Michigan

* Be a US citizen or have proof of legal presence

* Be a resident of the county in which you request appointment or have a principal place of business itn the county

* Read and write English

* Be free of felony convictions with in the last 10 years (the 10 year period begins to run after completion of your sentence)

* Not convicted of 2 or more misdemeanor offenses involving violation of the Notary Public Act within a 12 months period while commissioned or 3 or more offenses within a 5 year period whether of not commissioned.

* Obtain a $10,000.00 bond

* Sign a statement stating that you have read and will perform the notarial acts faithfully (this statement is on the application form)

* (My favorite) Not currently in Prison

To read more about Bonds, click here.


The term of office is no less than 6 years and no more than 7 years. This is calculated based on your birthday. In other words, your commission will expire on your next birthday following your initial appointment.

You cannot re-new your commission earlier than 60 days prior to the expiration of you commission.


Oddly enough, no journal is required BUT you must keep a record of notarial acts for 5 years. This record must be surrendered to the proper authorities upon request. Michigan law does not specify the type of journal or record book required.

However, the Secretary of State suggests that your journal or record book contain the following:

* Signer's name

* Type of ID presented

* Date of notarial act

* Type of Document

* Other information that you deem appropriate to the transaction


Michigan fees are simple. $10.00 for each notarial act. Presumably, this means per signature.

Additional fees for travel can be negotiated by the notary.

Notary Classes and Exam

Notary classes and the taking and passing of an exam are not required prior to submitting your application. However, you must certify that you have read the Notary Public Act and will fulfill the duties contained in the act faithfully.

To Download the Michigan Notary Application, click here.