Fingerprinting (or printing) is becoming more and more popular. Usually the print required is the right thumb print.

The reasons for obtaining a print are obvious but still worth mentioning here.

A finger or thumb print:

1. Identifies the signer.

2. Protects the Notary

3. Protects the public from fraudulent conveyances

4. If the signer commits fraud, leaves evidence of the fraudulent signer's identity.

If required in your state, you will need to carry with you a printing stamp. If a notarial journal is required in your state, you many want to consider having the print put in your journal as well.

The most common documents that require printing are:


*Quitclaim Deed

*Deed of Trust or Mortgage if it is to be filed.

*Power of Attorney

Printing is here to stay. Eventually this will be done electronically. You will carry an electronic scanner with you and access a national data base. You will be able to confirm the identity of the signer immediately (sounds good huh?). But there are some drawbacks:

#What if there is an outstanding warrant for arrest on the subject.

#What if they are illegally in the country.

#What if they owe the IRS money.

You can see where this is going. The list is endless. Your job as a notary might change significantly. Maybe you will be a sworn police officer before long. Who knows, but if I have thought of it, I am sure someone else has as well. But fear not, we are working for you and will keep you updated.

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