Find A Notary

To find a notary in your area, please click here to find a notary in your area Here you will find a listing of notaries that have agreed to be included on our site.

If you are a Notary that would also like to be listed for free, please click here. Simply scroll down the page until you get to the Notary Sign up portion.

Both the location service and the notary sign up service are offered for free. After all, we want our notaries to be a success! We also want all the great companies that use notaries to be a success as well.

Ok, I admit, this is a big goal. But you remember the saying...Go big or go home!

So I plan to go big, and I hope you will as well. You have nothing to loose but a few minutes of time.

As an added and...wait for it....FREE bonus, I will also forward your contact information to my business contacts that currently are using notaries or loan signing agents.

So nothing to loose right? Well, let's give it a try...together....

Word of Caution

A word of caution to all those looking for a notary and those notaries looking to be found....beware of companies that charge for either service!

Maybe I am biased, I have never listed or paid to use one of these services so maybe I should not be the one to talk. But I was able to build my business witout it and I hope you will do so as well.

That's right, I went from no closings to a hundred closings a month, and never paid a dime to any service. You can too.

So give us a try and let's see what we can build together.

BY THE WAY, there are many reputable companies that maintain active "find a notary" lists and are a breeze to work with.

You can certainly trust the sites that I link to here at, as I will not work with any company that is not completely honest and easy to work with.

I hope to hear from you and if you feel appropriate, I hope you will sign up with us.

COMING SOON: A free website page for everyone who signs up with us. Another way to get your name out it looks good on your business card....