About Us

I wanted to write a little about us not so much to tell you about what we are but about what we are not.

NotarySuccess.com was started by an attorney who saw a real need to train notary signing agents and mobile notaries. We start with the premise that you are already a notary. If you are not a notary, you will still learn much and get many helpful hints on how to approach your notary training. We also provide you links for other sites that can assist you with your training.

Once you ARE a notary, then this is the place for you! We want you to be successful. By that we mean a financial success. Although we also offer helpful hints at personal success.

After all...it is the rare individual who can achieve financial success without personal success.

Also, to know about us you should know that we are not a site for notary supplies.

We will give you some links to notary suppliers that we found to be fairly good and reasonably priced. But we won't try and sell you on those items.

It is not our passion...our passion is YOU!

So in short, we assume you have your notary commission and your notary stamp, log, E & O and Bond. But if you don't, you can find sources here.

This is you stop for your notary success. We also want you to become a true professional at your job and we are here to help.

Enjoy and Happy Notarizing!