International Notaries

International notaries are generally given more responsibility with their commission compared to US notaries.

This is not to say they are better trained, but usually they are able to perform tasks that are mostly reserved for attorneys in the US.

So why is it useful to look at notaries worldwide? Well, there are two reasons that spring to mind.

1. Notary duties worldwide may forecast what notaries in the US will be doing 15 or 20 years from now.

2. We can model future changes and notary advances in duties after what is being performed by notaries worldwide.

3. It is just plain interesting (at least to me it is) and can be good conversation starters.

Notaries by Country

Here we are listing the countries we have researched. Because the information available is limited, we are contact notaries directly to obtain the information we cannot get either in books or on the web.

Here are the countries we have researched so far:

Russian Notaries

Canadian Notary

French Notary

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