The Secrets to being a Notary Public Success.

So, you have your Notary Public Commission (sometimes referred to as Notary or often misspelled as Notery) and you are asking yourself what you can do to make some money with this training and nice little stamp you purchased.

Let's face it....unless you notarize a lot of documents each day (unlikely) you will end up like the majority of the 4.5 million notaries in the US and use your knowledge for your friends.

OK...If being commissioned is required for your work, then you may use your skills more often. Fair enough. But there is little, if any, money in that.

The good news is that there is a way to success in this ever changing field. I know, I have been there and I have done it successfully for years. I have been a notary for almost 15 years and an attorney for over 22 years, and have notarized thousands of documents.

My firm has supervised and help train hundreds of Signing Agents.

Being a Signing Agent (sometimes called Mobile Notaries or Loan Signing Agents) is hard but rewarding work. But best of all, you can actually make a living at it, and a good living at that. Some earn more than $100,000 a year. Not bad, huh?

Even better news is that you can make this money either part time or full time. Supplement your income or earn a living. All the while, being your own boss.

I am jumping the gun a bit, so what is a Signing Agent, Mobile Notary or Loan Signing Agent?

These are professional notaries that work with real estate and lending professionals to coordinate the signing of closing documents. Simple description yes? But there is much more to it than that.

Showing up with a closing package and having it signed and notarized are the basics, but you will never succeed (financially) unless you know what skills the signing companies and banks are looking for. And you must be properly trained in those skills.

We give you those skills. You will be confident professional.

How do we help you and what makes us different?

We give you a multilevel approach that gives you a big advantage:

1) Information you need about being a notary who does it right every time.

2) Up to date discussions on current laws and future trends.

3) A location to find the tools you need at reasonable prices from reliable providers (In order to provide you with unbiased advice, we accept no compensation for any of the resources we link to in our site).

4) Reliable, easy to read information about notaries around the world. Expand your thinking about what your international counterparts are able to do and view the potential future of our business.

5) Summary of economic issues that may affect your business. Keep up to date on the economy.

6) Marketing discussions where you can find the latest information on marketing ideas and niche marketing.

7) The Life section where we discuss general life issues. Being a Notary is much more than a job. Learn to relax and grow beyond the boundaries of work. Become a happier person.

All of the above is FREE!! It is our pleasure to bring this to you and we hope you will make our site a frequent stop each day.

Our Site has only one job and only one wish for you...your continued success.

One word of WARNING...We are the friendliest notary site on the market. We ask that you enter with the understanding that you are hear to learn and help others...please pay it forward. We welcome all positive friendly advice...please feel free to offer any information that you think will help other notaries succeed.

Feel free to contact us if you have a question or sign up for our e-zine (Electronic Magazine).

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